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A Little Insight

Participating in a world called Music

We love music....And specially "Oldies", if it's up to us, music could be anywhere,
anytime,all day long, at any place you are, or at anything you do.

That's why were running this station, we're playing music 24/7, so why not share it ?
We're also having a warm hart for amateur musicians, or those musicians who want
their music beeing published, and that's why we have an open "Map" at this station
where you can upload your music,and we transfer it to the Special Amateur Hour,
and in our regular schedule.

We're collecting music 24 hours a day, the lastest music wich came in, can be heard at the "New Arrivals" hour, amateur music is played in both shows, either "New Arrivals" (Daily at 21:00) and "Incoming" (Thursdays at 19:00) Beside's that,
we're convinced that you only can enjoy the music if it's available at all kind of equipment, so we've been busy creating a live stream, that you can receive at you mobile phone, or any other device by simply filling in the URL of the stream,and the music is yours, we're also available at other 'Streams' and 'Relay-Sites' (Site who collect all kind of music stations, and 'Relay' the stream we offer.)

As you can see, more than enough options to stay connected to the stream, and let the music fill your day.